After Dusk, answer to our questions:


1) What’s the meaning of your name?

The night, the darkness and all those emotions anyone feels at this time.


2) Money or fame?

Fame and even after death….


3) How would you describe with one word or phrase your band?

PURE HEAVY METAL. Not modern, nor classical


4) Point zero of the band?

We are always in point zero. Not nihilists, just null


5) What kind of music express you less or none?

I don’t know what to reply here. We always focus onto the things we like.


6) If music was a super-weapon, where would you use it?

Into making people to be able to feel a bit more freely. Not to change their character. To get rid of the prejudices that keep haunting them.


7) With whom would you like to go up on stage?

There are so many that the stage would be full of dead bodies.


8) Music as a political or a religious expression?

It is OK to pass whatever messages you want through your music. You wrote it anyway. Just don’t bust the chops of the guys with lessons, advices and guidelines on how to live their lives. There is religion and politics for all these.


9) Your influences?

Many many things between classic rock and death or black metal. And also other music genres. Each one of the band members has totally different influences.


10) The band as a means or a cause?

The band is the means….


11) The music as a means or a cause?

…. Purpose is the music


12) Talent goes with arrogance or decency?

Usually arrogance and humility are unaccompanied. When someone has genuine talent, and is not 15 years old, he has a more complete view of the things. As for humility, doesnt by it self indicate the evidence of talent


13) Symbolic, with which animal would you compare the band

With a fatcephalosaurus.


14) A wish for the band

We hope that our songs will be albe to reach the ears of those willing to listen. And for sure a successful tour.


15) What is the darkest point of the music creation?

When you come up with a riff the time you are asleep and you know you will not be able to remember it in the morning….