“The world is a cave” single & lyric video release

Plato’s cave inspired new After Dusk song “The world is a cave”. Also known as the allegory of the cave, the song is narrated from the prisoner’s perspective.

Plato’s cave is a great thought experiment designed to expose the flaws of human perception. Recorded during “The Character of Physical Law” sessions.
Engineered, mixed and mastered by George Emmanuel.

Plato's cave inspired new After Dusk song.

Bandcamp: https://afterduskmetal.bandcamp.com/track/the-world-is-a-cave-single
CD Baby: https://store.cdbaby.com/cd/afterdusk6
Spotify: https://open.spotify.com/album/0wN8KyTaPLErm2DPii1M4q


As long as I remember
I’m chained against a wall
My legs and neck are fixed, so that I face another wall
I gaze upon this wall from childhood, I see shadows pass
I hear them whisper, talking
Strange noises echo in the dark

Day after day, this was my reality
Until someone unchained my bonds and told me I’m free
He helped me stand, forced me to look at a fire
The light hurt my eyes, from all these years in the darkness

Then he told me, the shadows I knew for real
Are just reflections of these objects, I now straggle to see
-I don’t believe your words, here I’m in pain
I must go back to my world, I must return to the darkness

He dragged me by force, overwhelmed as I was
Out of the cave, I faced for the first time the daylight

Anger reigns, the light of the sun only worsens my pain
Fear, this feels strange
This new world you showed me, is driving me insane

Slowly, my eyes adjust to the power of radiant light
The pain fades, I look at the sun I now can reason about
Ascended from the pit, I curse the time I spent inside that cave
I pity those, who live the life I used to live
My fellow men are bound and chained, in a world of shadows they remain
I will descend and give them insight of the world they’re living in

As I was contemplating my actions and my words
They still remembered screams, from when I saw the fire before
They thought I was to bring them suffering and blind their eyes
They killed me with their chains and left me there
In the darkness

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