“The devil got his soul” review


“The devil got his soul” review @ Behind the veil webzine.

If you look AFTER DUSK up, you’ll find them under the term of heavy/thrash metal, which is a pretty accurate description of their style.

Still their sound is far more than that and they offer us plenty more with their fourth full length work, making this such a stunning release that many even well known bands would envy! If you are one of those who like the music they listen to have variety and a plurality of means used to fully express yourselves, then I think you’ve hit the jackpot with “The Devil Got His Soul”! You see it literally has everything and its compositions contain bits and pieces from the vast majority of the metal genres. So, you’ll listen here to heavy/thrash metal being mixed with some crossover and groove a la PANTERA elements, but then again in some other songs the guys make a turn towards more classic forms of expression and reveal their appreciation to the 80s heavy metal and the N.W.O.B.H.M. sound. However, if you think that’s it you’re in for a surprise since “The Devil Got His Soul” also contains some 70s hard rock a la DEEP PURPLE touches along with some BLACK SABBATH doom/stoner references and an aesthetic in some songs that reminded me of KING DIAMOND, while a song also contains a theme that brought to my mind Greek music. I know that I’ve listed many different sounds, but I want to be totally clear with this… the end result is perfectly integrated and absolutely homogeneous and flows so well that as a fan you won’t be annoyed or puzzled by the complexity of AFTER DUSK’s music. “The Devil Got His Soul” is a great album delivered with much passion and skill by a very talented band that deserves your attention! Check them out! You won’t regret it!


Christine  Parastatidou

Original post date: October 18, 2012

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