A big thanks to Our radio friends

dusk vAfter Dusk would like to thank all the following DJ’s, radio shows and stations for their great support!

Gramie Dee and “The autopsy report radio show”.

Brutal existence radio.

Troy Spiropoulos and L.A. talk radio.

Gothestro radio.

Billy and “The keep it metal show”.

Tori Phoenix and “The indie authority”.

Nick and Bootsy from “The basement tapes show”.

Javier from “Oxido metal radio show” in Argentina.

Metalhead radio.

Lady Spitfire.

“Αδελφούς Λούμπεν” at Atlantis 105.2 Fm, Athens.

Midlands Metalheads radio.

Metal devastation radio.

DJ Yentonian and “Birmingham steel” at Switch radio 107.5 FM, Birmingham.

A big THANKS to all of you!!!