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Dmh webzine

cropped-portada_de_blog3Thank you Dmh webzine for the support!

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Autopsy report download

Show513Miss the last Autopsy Report Radio Show featuring AFTER DUSK? Well fear not because you can listen to it here RIGHT NOW at this link.

Prepare to be dissected.

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The Autopsy Report Metal Radio Show 3rd – 9th February 2014

autopsyphotofuniaThis week’s Autopsy Report features AFTER DUSK along with a host of other skull crushing bands so tune in and prepare to be dissected!!!

This week’s playlist:

Mount Salem – Lucid
Sceptre – Wrath of God
Pariah – Centre Of Abuse
Scorned Deity – The Preserver
Promethium – Counterfeit
Gales Of Avalon – ...

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After Dusk profile @ Metal Head Radio

thehead1After Dusk profile page @ Metal Head Radio!

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