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After Dusk profile @ Metal Head Radio

thehead1After Dusk profile page @ Metal Head Radio!

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After Dusk interview @ Echo Adventures

echoΟι After Dusk απαντούν :
1) Τι συμβολίζει το όνομα σας;
Tη νύχτα, το σκοτάδι και όλα τα συναισθήματα που νιώθει κανείς εκείνες τις ώρες.

2) Χρήμα ή δόξα;
Δόξα και μάλιστα μετά θάνατον…...

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Monster gamma-ray burst in our cosmic neighbourhood

www.nbi.kuIf this was closer, it would be like After Dusk’s “Gamma ray burst” lyrics predicted….

Source: Niels Bohr Institute

Gamma-ray bursts are violent bursts of gamma radiation associated with exploding massive stars...

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After Dusk page @ “The Nightwatchers”

nightwatchersNew site supporting Greek bands. Here’s After Dusk’s page:

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