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Interview @ Underground Skini blog (In Greek)

Για κάποιον που δεν σας ξέρει, δώστε μας ένα σύντομο παρουσιαστικό σας.
– Είμαστε οι After Dusk, παίζουμε heavy metal από το 1998 και έχουμε κυκλοφορήσει 3 full length albums...
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After Dusk @ Wreck Athens Fest 2016


12189553_765617600210429_6596750550981205770_nAfter two years of absence from the stages, we are happy to announce that we will play at Wreck Athens fest 2016 on the 23rd of April!

Ticket price: 6€

For tickets send us an email to:

Festival page:

See you guys there!

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Long time no speak!

Some of you may have noticed that the HD versions of “The hunter becomes the prey” and “Death ride” we have uploaded sound “a little bit different”!

We are happy to announce that we are mixing “The devil got his soul” album again with the help of Mr Jeffro Lacksheide and the outcome is fxxxing aweso...

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After Dusk, answer to our questions:

1) What’s the meaning of your name?

The night, the darkness and all those emotions anyone feels at this time.

2) Money or fame?

Fame and even after death….

3) How would you describe with one word or phrase your band?


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