“Traveled” from Europe to India during the same week….

img17After Dusk “traveled” from Europe to India during the same week….



Original post date: June 30, 2013

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June 14, 2013


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Interview with Ryan Bartek @ Metal-Rules.com



Guitarist Paminos Giannakopoulos

Interview by Ryan Bartek

The images springing forth from Greece paint a picture of violent unrest, yet despite the media’s monopoly over the spread of information, this summer I found Athens to be an atmosphere of eerie calm...

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“The devil got his soul” review


“The devil got his soul” review @ Behind the veil webzine.

If you look AFTER DUSK up, you’ll find them under the term of heavy/thrash metal, which is a pretty accurate description of their style.

Still their sound is far more than that and they offer us plenty more with their fourth full length w...

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